Act now with Bully Sticks For Your Dogs

Bully Sticks might be known as sticks but they are totally readable and include high levels of protein and low in fat, so your dog gets the best at the end of the day. The truth however is that not all sticks are created equal and you would have to play your role if at all you should find the most nutritious ones and the ideal ones for your dog. Below are some things you should consider if you are searching for bully sticks. These sticks generally Come from cattle and the way the cows are reared will choose the sort of quality and nutritional value your pet receives in the treats. It is better that you select snacks that are obtained from free range beef or grass-fed beef over those obtained from cows that are given growth hormones and antibiotics. There are preferences in regards to cattle source so make certain that you are receiving human grade beef tendon that is likely to provide more value for your dog.

Bully Sticks

The dog sticks are Processed in various ways, such as being sun dried, smoked and cooking in an oven. The production process might determine how they smell; in essence, the longer they are dried the less odor they will contain. When looking at the production process, it is best that you keep away from manufactures that scrub the sticks in bleaches and other chemicals merely to eliminate the smell. It is much better to have sticks with slight odor than sticks laded with compounds which may be harmful to your dog. Pick something your dog will appreciate concerning flavor. Bully sticks for dogs Are made in different shaped and sizes with most in the market measuring up 12 inches. They may be braided, ringed or in knots among other contours. When choosing, you need to think about the size of your dog. Ideally, little dogs should have an easier time handling small sticks over huge ones. You can even select the size of the sticks compared to what sort of a chewer your puppy is. Get thicker sticks for strong, vigorous chewers and thinner sticks for dogs that appear to have moderate gum interest.

Because they are Dried, the sticks can normally last for many months and some can go for a year or two still in great quality. You, however must understand how to preserve them to have them last as long as you can. It may take your dog couple of hours or days to chew 1 stick; you may create a point of placing the chewed stick in your freezer to harden it and preserve it so that you can serve it to your dog afterwards. When purchasing the best bully sticks, make certain to check expiration dates so you can purchase just what is sufficient for your dog. Additionally it is important to stick to the preservation instructions.

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